Unlock the mind


Writing 101, Day 1.

Today’s suggestion from WordPress Blogging U.

“To get started, let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.”

Here goes…

I am listening to Bowie ‘Life on Mars?’, I have known the song since it came out, circa 1973, and I have only just noticed that it is a question. The title clearly has a question mark after it. I guess the song does ask the question, is there life on Mars. But I had always though that the title was just a title. There is much in the song that is prescient, “Lennon’s on sale again”, well McCartney seems ever to pop up at special event and Xmas. Though I have not seen Cliff recently!

It a slightly strange experience to simply write without any particular purpose, quite contrary to what I would normally do. On the other hand wildly rambling conversations are a great and greatly loved part of everyday life. And indeed can often involve lengthy disposition on a whole range of topics. So in a sense this writing for 20 minutes should actually be easy. Perhaps I could use the speech recognition software, but then is it writing? Or just a speaking and recording. I am intrigued now do any authors actually write like that. Dictating in to a machine or using Dragon Naturally Speaking or whatever. Would we as the readers ever know, or care. One thing I have already learnt is that typing in Word is easier than in WordPress. Or at least Word has a spell checker that works as I type rather than simply flagging it up in red and otherwise leaving it! The second thing I have learnt is to set a timer or at least record the time I started, I am now sure that I have scribbled for twenty minutes, though that doesn’t  seem possible. I haven’t written enough, surely. Anyway day one – done J (Third thing learnt: 🙂 in Word comes out as a J in WordPress :S)


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