A room with a view


Writing 101, Day 2.

Today’s suggestion from WordPress Blogging U.

“We’re all drawn to certain places. If you had the power to get somewhere — anywhere — where would you go right now?”

Do you know I don’t know…

On the one hand I can think of many times in the past when I would have answered ‘Anywhere but here’. And yet, now, I like where I am.

I am sitting in my room at home; quite small it is a lovely mixture of home-office, and man-cave. I am looking at a huge computer screen, good for writing and even better for playing role playing games. Supplemented by some headphones the sense of immersion is amazing, and addictive. It is almost a form of meditation.

On the wall in above the monitor is a drawing by an artist friend of mine. Looking at I realise I need to get it properly framed. It is currently unglazed in a simple charcoal stained softwood frame that came with it. Somehow though this has become part of the drawing, and I am unsure how framing it would alter the overall look and feel of it.
If I was to turn around I’d see floor to ceiling bookshelves. A shelf full of tomes on organisational change and systems thinking reflects my role in helping people be happier and productive at their work. Alongside it another shelf is dominated by a huge book on The Art of East Asia. I love anything to with the area and find it fascinatingly different from Western Europe where I live and grew up.

A shelf full of tiny animals is capped by an old oscilloscope, and stuffed animals randomly fill gaps; there is even a spent 9 mm cartridge.

One large shelf is packed with book on quotations. Not for a moment because I am a technophobe, fat from it. I have just had them for decades – I recall my excitement when the first Microsoft Bookshelf program came bundled with Office. It had thousands of quotes on it and I could search them. It seems so quaint now that I can search Google for millions of quotes.

Outside I can hear my neighbour arriving home on his old-fashioned motorcycle, rumbling distinctively. The temporarily overwhelmed iPod dock is quietly playing classical music. Minimalist tracks from the late 20th Century that fills the customary silence and yet doesn’t intrude.

The room is mine and it is me. From the colour of the walls to the giant stuffed Disney toy in the corner. I have grown it in small steps over two decades. And right now I don’t know I’d rather be anywhere else. Which is really nice  🙂


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