Flip flops and cake

Diogenes statue Sinop, TurkeyToday’s daily prompt asks us to write a post about any topic we want, in whatever form or genre, but make sure it features a slice of cake, a pair of flip-flops, and someone old and wise.

The old sage wandered slowly down the lane, he was hungry and his trusty lantern was getting heavy.

Walking towards him was a boy carrying a great pack. The boy paused, “Hi, may I ask you a question?”

“Of course” replied the sage.

“I have just come from the village in the valley and I am going to the hamlet on the hill-top. Do you know anything about it?

The old man looked at the youth and said “How did you like the village?”

“Not at all, replied the boy, “They were grumpy and unwelcoming. I was never allowed to feel anything but a stranger. And they don’t like strangers!”

The old man sighed, “I am sorry to tell you are going to find the hamlet pretty much the same.” The boy shrugged and trudged off up the hill.

The old sage walked on, his hunger growing. But he was enjoying the peace and quiet on the road it allowed him to think. He knew so much, and he knew he did. Yet there was still so much that he didn’t understand. He was wondering if he ever would when he saw another traveller on the lane. Approaching him with a spring in her step was a young woman, her dress fluttered in the light evening breeze, and her sandals made their characteristic flip-flop sound as she walked.

“Tell me, sir. That hamlet on the hill have you just come from there?” The old man stopped, and turned. He was in no mood for gossip. He had a little way to go before he was going to get any food. But she looked so cheerful and full of life, he couldn’t be rude to her. Yes, he told her he had just come from there. What was it like she then wanted to know.

“I have just spent time in the village down in the valley, it was lovely. I was treated like I was a lost cousin. Nothing was too much trouble for them. I was made to feel so at home. I really didn’t want to leave. They even baked me a cake when they knew I was going! What do think I’ll find when I get to hamlet on the top of the hill?

The old man smiled, “I think you are going to find the hamlet pretty much the same.” She smiled back at him, “Thank you”, she said, “I have eaten so much cake, would you like the last slice?”

Putting down his lantern, the old man gratefully accepted the cake; it was as lovely as it was unexpected. As she walked off the woman called back, “I am sorry I didn’t catch your name”.

“Diogenes”, he mumbled, his mouth still full of cake.



Image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Diogenes-statue-Sinop-enhanced.jpg

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