All My Life I’ve Wanted To Be Someone’s Someone.

Makes a great point, and does so beautifully.


All my life I’ve wanted to be someone’s someone.

Perhaps it was my deep animalistic urge for companionship, the extrovert in me who wanted to be everybody’s everyone or just too much Disney as a kid, all I know is that for as long as I can remember I’ve thought the ultimate goal in life is to meet “the one”, that her wedding is the most important day in a girl’s life and that every chance encounter with a particular stud of a male must be fate.

I thought this throughout highschool, sobbing myself to sleep whenever one of my friends got asked out and I didn’t, listening to Taylor Swift and wishing I was one of those girls who boys liked, hating myself for not being perfectly pretty, for being too tall, too loud, too strange.

Any guy who paid me attention immediately got mine, it didn’t matter how…

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2 thoughts on “All My Life I’ve Wanted To Be Someone’s Someone.

    • You’re very welcome. I loved the piece.

      I’ll do my best with the vocabulary. I am slightly self-conscious now; I have now just re-read several of my posts looking for anything unorthodox. Is there such a thing as a word-geek? 🙂


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