A Lovely Blog Award

One lovely blog awardI’ve been nominated for a lovely blog award!!

I have seen these awards images on sites and often wondered about them. And now I have one. Many thanks to Terry at Through the Lens of my Life for kindly nominating me.

Quoting from Terry’s site

The One Lovely Blog Award recognizes blogs considered to be lovely, written by bloggers who share their story or thoughts in a beautiful manner to connect with their viewers and followers. The nominees are chosen by fellow bloggers, and the nominations are presented to new and up-and-coming bloggers. The purpose of the award is to not only give recognition, but to help the new blogger reach more viewers as well.

How lovely 🙂

Paying it Forward

Since I am nominated, in order to “accept” the award, I must follow these guidelines: Continue reading

10 weird things I accidentally learned about New York

I’m not a great fan of New York City; it’s not the city itself, more cities in general. But in this image of it from 1873, it does look kind of appealing.

TED Blog

New York, . Here's one of my favorite images of it, Image: Wikipedia/George Schlegel lithographers New York, New York, it’s a wonderful town! Here’s one of my favorite images of it, created by George Schlegel lithographers in 1873, while the Brooklyn Bridge was under construction. Image: Wikipedia

New York is a playground of absurdity. I’ve lived here on and off for the past decade. Since I ate my first workday lunch in a “park” in downtown Manhattan, I’ve been blindly accepting everyone’s inexplicable behavior in this city, not least of all the block-long cronut line I pass on my way to work every morning. So when I started curating the speaker program for TEDxNewYork — which is less than two weeks away — it seemed a productively impossible task: to expand my view beyond my own little pocket of the city.

New York is an extrovert, leading and looking forward, not looking underground, inside or backwards. So finding local speakers with ideas that haven’t yet…

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